Sylvi Schaffrath is a Documentary & Portrait Photographer, based in Gießen/FFM.


She is enthusiastic about characters and their stories, about real encounters.


With a lively interest in people and new experiences, Sylvi likes to immerse herself in different realities, constantly looking for new perspectives and challenges.





LYX Magazine

Selin Magazine

Vanguard Magazine


Alfajar (Töpferei)

Chacón Luthiers

Dursun Änderungsschneiderei

Ernährungsberaterin Christina May

Ernährungsberaterin Lea Martine 


Goldschmiede Carolin Koch

Jiménez Mariscal (Töpferkunst)

Light Up e.V.

Malin L Yogateacher

Osteopathie Feelinghands

Urwerke GbR

Zellkultur/Stadt Gießen (Ich.MORGEN)


Agencies: LEO'RIA, Krönung







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